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How to Escape Inflation

Discover step-by-step how to use the blockchain to protect your savings and your business.

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Val Archer

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Do You Know How To…

Use Blockchain to Protect Your Savings & Business

Inflation and Debt. The daily worry: “There’s not enough money to do that.”

Is it possible to break Free? Yes. The way is Blockchain technology.

Across the world, individuals and businesses are choosing a new way to pay each other — and to save money.

Val’s book — How to Escape Inflation — guides you step-by-step on how to use blockchain money.

  • How to open a savings account on the blockchain
  • How to shop with gold using the blockchain
  • How to earn extra income on the blockchain, and shop with it today — BitcoinSV (BSV) converts into vouchers in 160 countries, right in your phone
  • How to earn tips on your website using the blockchain
  • How to finance your business with blockchain tokens instead of a bank loan
  • How to network with other businesses and issue your own money
  • How to invest in blockchain apps and enterprises
  • How to protect your company from cyberattack with blockchain software that detects a break-in within seconds
  • How to privately send invoices, money, and messages on the blockchain

We who are alive today, we stand at a turning point in history:

Two paths lie before you, which one will you take?

Will you continue to suffer the Inflation and Debt of central banks? OR will you:

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